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-Yonago Memorial Hall
-Yasugi Memorial Hall
-East Izumo Memorial
● sakaiminato Memorial Hall
We were boasting a rich spiritual culture "culture of prayer".
Grave throughout the year is also a symbol of the culture of prayer we had, and enshrines the altars in the home should be.
If death is early, the blurring of what not suddenly to include "death" visit.
Death in any form whatever your sorrow and your anxiety isn't it should be.
But classicism, off to the best to fulfill the destiny that is a duty of his family.
Present in material wealth, again questioned the heart of our business about funeral service employees industry over 20 years of experience at Chukai Sougi, the ceremony of life end only from the standpoint of the bereaved families, solemn and classicism with prayer, will be working with sincere service.
Prayers from the heart, and manners important?