About Chukai Sougi

About Chukai Sougi

From the company burial, the group burial, the union burial, and the non-denomination al-sect burial, from the wake to the funeral, the farewell ceremony, and the law...
Please leave the funeral and consultation to Nakami Funeral Company. I will help you with all my heart.

when the death of the most precious human life in the world
The grief and care of the bereaved families is immense.

It is our duty to stay close to the bereaved families who are in grief and have to fulfill their duties as a farewell, and to assist in the funeral, which is the ceremony of the end of our lives.
The bereaved families, as if they were sudden, must think a lot in a limited amount of time.

This important work, which eases the grief of such bereaved families even a little, and sees off the irreplaceable deceased from the bottom of my heart, requires more attention, politeness, and rigor than anything else.

Always cleanse your mind, dress yourself, and polish your company's car so that it doesn't have a single mud.
It is necessary to serve with all your heart from the standpoint of the bereaved families, such as paying attention to the bereaved families, and awareof what is necessary and giving deep consideration.

In order to convey the character of the deceased more deeply, it is necessary to respond in detail to the consultation of the venue, depending on the ceremony, etc.
With the times, funerals are now required for various forms.
It is also our mission to respond to the diverse needs of the bereaved and deceased. We have five funeral homes, all of which are available from family funerals to corporate funerals.

We are proud of this truly noble work that will allow us to attend and help everyone at the last place to visit.
As a human industry that will continue to serve local communities, we will continue to respond to all requests.

We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.

About-operated venues

Funeral Hall

Funerals at Yonago Memorial Hall, Yasugi, Higashiizumo and Sakaiminato Memorial Hall are full yearning for funerals, so you don't have to worry about preparations, and you can spend your time of farewell with the deceased in peace. In addition, it can be used for legal affairs and legal needs in addition to funerals.

-Yonago Memorial Hall
-Yasugi Memorial Hall
-East Izumo Memorial
● sakaiminato Memorial Hall
Yonago Kita Memorial Hall

About the Company

We were boasting a rich spiritual culture "culture of prayer".
Grave throughout the year is also a symbol of the culture of prayer we had, and enshrines the altars in the home should be.
If death is early, the blurring of what not suddenly to include "death" visit.
Death in any form whatever your sorrow and your anxiety isn't it should be.
But classicism, off to the best to fulfill the destiny that is a duty of his family.
Present in material wealth, again questioned the heart of our business about funeral service employees industry over 20 years of experience at Chukai Sougi, the ceremony of life end only from the standpoint of the bereaved families, solemn and classicism with prayer, will be working with sincere service.
Prayers from the heart, and manners important?

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As a meticulous service, we will solemnly and will not be able to attend your funeral without any difficulty. From the company burial, the group burial, the union burial, and the non-denomination al-sect burial, from the wake to the funeral, the farewell ceremony, and the law...
Our experienced staff will be happy to attend the memorable funeral.