Yonago Memorial Hall

米子メモリアルホールIs so useful!

-No need for cleaning your home, remodeling, furnishings. Also do not worry about tidying up.
-Summer, winter, peace of mind is the air conditioning. (Doesn't depend on the weather. )
-Meals from the mourners appreciation there (return items), costumer to customers'needs.
-Equipped with a free large parking area.
-Any religion, sect.
-Is the funeral by the Chair, from tired also attended.
-Perfect care for senior citizens, people with disabilities also. You can move entire wheelchair.
Wheelchair accessible entente. Disabled-accessible toilet.

Overview of the facility

It is very convenient because it is located along Route 431, which is the main road. We can accommodate small family funerals to large funerals of up to 400 people.

Sales Information

As a meticulous service, we will solemnly and will not be able to attend your funeral without any difficulty. From the company burial, the group burial, the union burial, and the non-denomination al-sect burial, from the wake to the funeral, the farewell ceremony, and the law...
Our experienced staff will be happy to attend the memorable funeral.


Without your care, we will be able to hold the funeral severely and without a hitch.
We offer altars of various sects such as company funerals, group funerals (fresh flower altars), Buddhist ceremonies, Shinto ceremonies, and Christian ceremonies.
We will prepare everything.


In the midst of the green environment and the changing seasons, people who have met sadness gather, sympathize with each other, and express peace to the bereaved families and relatives whose feelings are upset, and a place to talk about the deceased.

Floor plan

With the latest equipment, it can be used for various purposes for lectures and various events.
米子メモリアルホール フロアマップ
-From a small can handle multiplayer.
-Is equipped with free parking available.
-Care to elderly and disabled persons is fully ensured.
You can move entire wheelchair. Wheelchair accessible and available. Disabled-accessible toilet.

Guide to the museum

(With accommodation)
* In his family room with bath and toilet, offers guests with confidence will be hung from afar.

Traffic Access

Detailed map

Q car at "about 15 minutes from Yonago road toll
10 minutes from Yonago Airport
15 minutes from JR Yonago station
Sakaiminato station 15 minutes
[By bus], Kotsu Bus (Yonago station published iron Center) end the iron Center walk 3 minutes