The basics of funeral


The mourners in a hurry than anything else when news of the unfortunate relatives, acquaintances, friends, is a common courtesy.
Dressed in sober attire may even undress, but care is required.
Tongue action without insight like to visit without the beads are.

How to show their condolences to the bereaved families
Can be forceful and hard words of condolence are not known, but sincere words and attitude first. Words few thought and regret from the heart in a serious manner.
Silence is not good at words, with a humble heart by bowing deeply, rather mind is transferred.

In a letter or a telegram of condolence to convey the spirit
You may also received bad news on reasons not mourners immediately. It is like so much when I told nailing your regret in mind mines in komdok area so that you can attend the funeral.
In addition, courtesy of hit mines in komdok area in unavoidable circumstances cannot attend the funeral, as well as a representative to attend, send a letter of condolence.

Mourners dress
Unlike if you wanted mourners to attend the wake, a certain extent must trim out the clothes. But went out in a quasi mourning with the bereaved family to condole the formal mourning is both uncomfortable.
Will need to mend clothes, think carefully about the situation of the other party.
Common condole, roughly passes in short form.

Given how in the funeral or memorial service, burning incense and incense for the sect may have some differences.
1. Burning incense by sitting
2. Burning incense by ritsu

If the gift etiquette
Koden is money, incense commonly to the dead instead. Therefore it is common table for the Buddhist "our condolence gifts", "spice" and Xianghua charges see your Buddha"and write.
The Shinto-style in your goshinzen or Christian sacred charge, if the "flower fees", the Catholic "mass charge" and to many. You can use rude not to write and write when you clearly don't know their proselytizing.

If the gift etiquette
You may not aware at that time is often present, wreath, flowers, flower arrangement:, sweets, fruits basket, Ming incense incense money in addition to the.
Religion may have slight differences, so prior and facilitators meeting is important.

The mourners General attorneys.
Is known as the "mourners" attended the funeral and funeral ceremony. You can usually wear mourning, funeral attendants, such as bereaved families and relatives, but ordinary mourners attending by attorneys.
Informal is if men refers to the black shoes black or dark-blue suit and sober tie, plain black socks.
If a woman, black or dark blue suits you better black haori kimono plain sober black shoes and kimono in one piece if you are 縞物.

About Memorial-Memorial

The crypt during a criminal dispute or Conrad, ninth.

Ninth plain tablets and coated tablets ago the memorial service, pay to the altar after the memorial service.

Less curly pubic and also the ninth or Conrad memorial service.
We will attend to the close relatives of the deceased.

New schools often, altar, preferably before the ninth is prepare what you want to.
It would be erected by the sisters or 三周忌 grave is difficult in a short time, so.

Also 57 anniversary due to cou kiake.
* Only 1 example, and slightly different denominations and traditions.
-Offering a wide variety

Soothe the spirit to pray for the souls of the dead on the anniversary, anniversary and activities called "criminal". Ninth, the 100 days, the Buddhist sisters, imprisoned, thirteenth and twelfth, 17 times so loathsome and loathsome, 33 times Memorial Day, 23 times. Elders and consult the Buddhist way is depends on the Customs Convention of each House and the region, religion, sect, so.

Dispute (death 7 day), 二七日 (death 14 day)-三七日 (death day 21)-47 (death 28 day)-月忌 (death 1 month), 五七日 (death 35 day)-67 days (death 42 days)-cou (death 49 days) and recently, is that they had only 2 sessions of criminal dispute and the ninth, and.

Also when criminal dispute, counting from the date the deceased died, seven days to make the remains came from the crematorium, remains at Memorial prepares sutras of the dispute along with many.

Cou (ninth)
Invite relatives, friends and acquaintances so there is common practice known as "less curly pubic" is the ninth, and an important day on the anniversary of this day kiake sutras they gave to the monks, then later open the feast of kiake.

100 days
Examples of the first Memorial to the deceased became a memorial service for 100 years, new schools.

-祥月 died the death refers to that day. Refers to the last of every month on the same day as well as on anniversaries. To clean the altar, offerings and flower decoration, let's go to the grave.

The date of the criminal
Is criminal conduct in the death of the deceased is the best, is variety, not later than the anniversary Convention is.
Determine the size and budget
Determine the budget for the venue, food, gift by a number of people to invite.
Preparation of gift
It is that visitors to the ancestors. Everyday, such as towels, sheets, seaweed and tea Essentials is common.

Bon is good "lanterns" officially and once a year, on this day the spirits of the dead return home made on the shoryodana at home said most fires, welcomes you.
It is alive, instead of to their ancestors by the industry in the world suffering from lanterns and went to heaven, has merit, and self-reproach, you want to save the brotherhood event.

Bon will for the first time after the deceased kiake (49th), "新盆" or "hatsu".
Invite friends, relatives, monk sutras to give the vegetarian.

Convention by the Jishu sect of the Bon, Higan, erosoku Buddhist sotoba out behind the Tomb. The stupa is long narrow plate stands for holding a service of the deceased in the Tomb.

March equinox and the autumnal Equinox in September as a Sino-Japanese each part before and after 3 days, 1 week is known as the "Equinox". Offerings "Ohagi" and "windfall" during the spring equinox, every day, morning and evening, altar Votive candle and incense worship Kitty graves, shinobimasu deceased.

-Funeral etiquette

Death ritual
At the moment of the final parting tips include "they" attend the deathbed by strong ties of blood.
Death after death notices with contact to the funeral, found for the funeral.

Death notification
Death notification is passed to the first. Contact the death of relatives and acquaintances.
To notify the death order on the wake and funeral, along with signals.

Condole ready
Coffin remains, the niches, as well as organized in your home. Remove the ornaments and the amount of the whole House.
Buddhist funeral for masu Hari Hanshi altars, respectively, a Shinto-style to the altar. The following display of mourning for.
Greeted condole just decorate the altar room, entertainment room, etc., the arrangement of the furniture.
Survivors take off all fixtures except for wedding rings and dress modestly on will.

Preparation for the funeral of one shown below, so please help.

1The Chief mourner to decide
2The 大waku for the funeral, date and time and budget to determine
3The funeral Committee and stewards decide
4The funeral, funeral requests
5A death certificate filed with municipal
6The meeting, decided to do the funeral shrine (Temple)
7The coffin, headstone, and equipment information
8The current book, Poppa and mourners guestbook-book offerings provide
9The clothing of the dead and others to prepare
10The receptionist, accounting, liaison, bookkeeper and reception seem to decide, the Vigil, including vegetarian and grasp.

Vigil preparation
First, inspect the inside and outside of the House. Clutter in the House, necessary clothing and furniture such as make the air around the House. Prepare a small incense altar decorations are all funeral companies who will do the 持chi回reru or the cushion of the monks are required.

How to proceed the vigil
Vigil ceremony began with monks chanting, turning the incense in the order such as Chief mourner, bereaved families, relatives and funeral Chairman, Domo, 3 times, the burning incense. Is the Chief mourner mentioned a thick thanked on behalf of the deceased, care "and through ru night or not" 3 times, who arrives at the seat of the. Survivor keeps vigil in intact.

Preparing for the funeral, funeral
Originally, funeral, family and ritual along with the monks pray for deceased saying special relatives, next of kin, funeral rituals of the last farewell of friends and acquaintances in General and another is. However, the reality is generally done as a unit.
Those preparing for the funeral of the facilitator and engaging people, it's funeral in everything Aloe.
It is important that you detail any monk, carry all within the time scheduled.

And courtesy visits.
On the day of the funeral or the day revolve around Office of superiors and neighborhood, deceased and Chief mourner, Temple and shrine, Church, Domo, thanks. Public mourners, with mourners thank you card can be substituted in this.

And there is
Temple marks the end of the kiake, mourning is hell and there.
So usually the ninth there is done. Thank you greeting cards is required even if you place there with a donation.

Ships again after the funeral thank you card
The gratitude to the mourners, mourners, mourning card into white envelopes.
It is the increasing cases passed to the funeral home, but the funeral after once again sent should be.
-Knowledge of the coversheet
Your altar Visit reizenn
Used when they mugged.
In Buddhist funerals usually use "our condolence gifts", "spice".
Buddhist, Shintō, Christian
Our Ling ago Visit reizenn
The traditional forms of the "control altar". Can be used to in a sense correct dignity.
Buddhist, Shintō, Christian
Incense ceremony Recent first / goko OST
Use the gold packages they instead of the perfume of the dead.
Incense communion Recent first / goko OST
Equivalent to "your condolence gifts". Officially uses this character.
Premium incense. Visit kouryou
Use the Gold package similar to "our condolence gifts" they instead of the perfume. In addition to "keep your Xianghua fee = by Ryo"
Our bereavement materials Sound uneven treatment
When a funeral company (Group) of packaging as condolence money in a company (Organization) name is used.
Your regrets Your condolence
Use the Gold package, such as wake up they will mourn the dead.
Your kids Does your
Used when they fruit and flowers for the funeral. Use the General required, etc.
Your gods Please shinnzenn
In the sense of bereavement, as well as the spirit of God they use public ritual. "Children gods", bank fees,
Your a tamagushi fee -On tamagushi pron
Used in ritual Gold package offering on the altar of the dead, as well as the General.
His floral charges Go pron
Condolatory event Christian Gold Pack, both Catholic and Protestants in general use. "Your Garland (ring) charges, his white charge"sympathy fee";
Please, use fee Naomi saryou
When the Catholic innocent thing, money to use. You may write a "mass charge".
Please remember fee -On review biryou
Use when meaning Shinobu spirits of the dead, to the goods.
Your fuse Iniquity,
Use the money to temples and monks. 枕経, wake, funeral and posthumous thank you include.
Our itineraries Ghostliness inexpensively
Funeral home q temples, churches, funeral homes in General) in use when you rent.
Buddhist, Shintō, Christian
Your railway Your kurumadai
Use the Gold package passed to a monk / priest / priest / pastor, ajiro. Your foot apparel, Japan harness fee's
Buddhist, Shintō Christ, Professor

Zhi Attain, then mark
Regardless of religious sect there criminal favors, such as used. Other "gifts".
Buddhist, Shintō, Christian

Loathsome Ming Zhi And kimei
Use the gifts there and kiake service. Other "culture" Ming".
Less curly pubic aspirations Bimbo chuuinn and
It is used interchangeably with "culture" Ming".
Fifty days Festival Zhiqiang Gojuu the name then
Use organic Sencha fifty days to Memorial Day, the Festival presents and gifts. See commemorate grass "at least writes.
Your meal fee Cracks pron
Use gold wrap if monks declined food and drink entertainment. Other our Hokusai charges = sound inexpensively.
Your meal fee Oshoku same
Use gold wrap if you reject the entertainment Priestess gozen charge of Buddhist as well as to pass.
Posthumous Buddhist name fee Kaimyou pron
Use the reward received the posthumous Buddhist name. However Buddhism is "Buddhist name fee = houmyou Ryo" is used.
Zhi Attain, then mark
Use the money to was indebted to the funeral in person (facilitator, crematory, driver, etc.).
Buddhist, Shintō, Christian
Your altar Visit reizenn
Used when they mugged. In the Buddhist tradition generally use "before the PHO, Thailand (Buddhist)".
Buddhist, Shintō, Christian

Your Buddha Visit butsuzenn
Use the goods offered to the Buddha in Buddhist and wrapped money.
And before the Buddha Visit butsuzenn
See your Buddha"traditional forms. A more polite way.
Premium incense. Your kouryou and your kouryou
Use the Gold package they offer instead of the perfume. "Our offerings fee" and"snacks";
Your kids Does your
Used for Buddhist condolatory in General, goods offered to the Buddha.
His funerary fee Should sound clarity
Use gold wrap if sots stupa was opened up, the owner (if the criminal not the Chief mourner) pass. Except the Jodo Shinshu.
His floral charges Go pron
Agree with "spice" in the Buddhist tradition. Use the Gold package of Christianity under the hospitality.
Buddhist, Shintō, Christian
Your gods Please shinnzenn
Used when they mugged. Use a common ritual. Bank charges, your firstfruits fee's
Your a tamagushi fee -On tamagushi pron
Time, performed at the altar. Ambrosia's charges, and Sakaki fee's

Your fuse Iniquity,
Use the money to temples and monks. "His charge", "thank you chanting" his transfer fee's
His ceremonial fee Osai abcddocumentation
Use the priest money. Use the General ritual as well as bereavement.
Donations Tithes
"Flower fees", "mass charge" is used to rent to the Association. Use "thank you" to key money to the priest and pastor.
ZhiAttain, then mark
Use the gifts in the seat of the criminal, regardless of religion.
Buddhist, Shintō, Christian
Crude's memorial service Cooling to
Use the gifts in the seat of a Buddhist memorial service. Another Memorial Service will.
Agaric Toy
Use light favors criminal.
Buddhist, Shintō
Memorial service fee Segaki pron
In 100 places, Buddhist, etc be nameless Memorial match, use the money to the temple.